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Local Search Engine Optimization

Local Search Engine Optimization ServicesThrough our local search engine optimization (SEO) services, we can help your business achieve higher rankings in your local search results.  No matter if you have a single location serving a local community or multiple locations across the country, we have proven strategies and tactics to help you rise above your competition.

What our local SEO services look like:

  • On-Page Optimization:  This is fundamental to achieving optimal search rankings.  It involves optimizing the website for great keyword relevancy as well as conversion potential.  When accomplished properly, a website can reach its highest potential all the while better converting visitor traffic.
  • Google My Business Page Optimization:  This is designed primarily for traditional businesses such as stores, entertainment venues and other services which have a physical address.
  • Citation Management:  Every time a company’s name or address is mentioned on the web, with or without a link, is called a citation.  Whirl Wind Local SEO will audit your website and recommend important directories that your website should reside on and in some cases perform a Citation Audit Cleanup to fix inconsistent and duplicate citations that are hurting your website rankings.
  • Social Media Marketing:  It is important to spend time on social media sites where your customers are!  Just because you think you should be on facebook doesn’t necessarily mean that is the right choice for you.  Whirl Wind Local SEO will help determine what social media fit is best for you.
  • Responsive Web Design:  A responsive website gives the user a great experience no matter how it is being accessed.  More and more consumers are using their smart-phones and tablets for online searches and will be turned off by a website that does not respond to their device properly.  Whirl Wind Local SEO will ensure that your website is set up properly for smart devices allowing your site to show up properly in Google.
  • Local Landing Pages:  The goal of a landing page is to drive conversions.  Whether that conversion is participation in a survey, registration for a mailing list, download of a white paper, or purchase of a product or service, every element on the page should push your visitor towards that goal.  Whirl Wind Local SEO will set up the perfect local landing page for your business.

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