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Responsive Web Design: One Site Fits All

A responsive website is a single website that adapts to the device of each unique user, whether desktop, smartphone or tablet.  A responsive website dynamically re-sizes its content and imagery for a variety of different screen sizes in order to ensure the website is effective and easy to use on any device.

Mobile is the centre of everyday life and business.  More people around the world own smartphones.  As a result, most of the traffic is mobile traffic.  Search engines like Google are giving preference to websites that come with responsive web designs.  These are not the only benefits you get from a mobile friendly web design.  The benefits of having a responsive web design including the following:

Cost Effective

Having a responsive web design in more cost effective.  This is more so when compared to building one web version for mobile and another for desktop.  Doing so can even lead to duplicate content which can affect your search engine ranking.  This is a matter of the past.  A responsive web design takes care of this problem.  You get one website that re-adjusts itself to fit any screen it is being viewed on.

Responsive Web Design - Whirl Wind Local SEO
Increased Web Traffic - Whirl Wind Local SEO
Increased Web Traffic

Recent data from InMobi shows that approximately 60% of online usage is through mobile devices.  This includes both smartphones and tablets.  As aforementioned Google give preference to websites with mobile-friendly designs.  A responsive website will help you get traffic from various channels and your users will be able to access your content on any device.

Boost SEO

In April 2015, Google updated its algorithm to include mobile-friendliness.  This means that websites with mobile-friendly designs get a better ranking than those that don’t.  Using a responsive web design means building a website with SEO in mind.

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Improved User Experience - Whirl Wind Local SEO
Improve User Experience

Without a responsive website, your users are more likely to have a frustrating experience that will make them less likely to contact you about your services.  A responsive website gives your users a rewarding and frustration free experience.

Improved Efficiency

The management of your responsive website will cost much less and take much less time than the management of two separate sites.  There is less content to manage and you can access all information on a single interface rather than dealing with the complexities of two.

Improved Efficiency
Increased Conversion Rates
Increased Conversion

Responsive design means that your users can make purchases directly through your secured site instead of being re-directed to a device-specific site, which takes time and often crashes.  The convenience of making a transition on a page that a consumer can trust leads to increased conversions and fewer customers lost to competitor websites.

Lower Bounce Rate

Approximately half of all users report difficulty in viewing a static site, which encourages them to go to a competitor’s site instead.  When your website isn’t responsive, the speed of your web page and the appearance of the content is a major problem, contributing to a significantly higher bounce rate.

Lower Bounce Rates - Whirl Wind Local SEO

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