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Google My Business Essential For Local SEO

Google My Business Account SetupWhile the internet is thought to be globally orientated, there is now a greater emphasis on providing relevant results to a specific locality.  If your business is bricks and mortar and local, such as a main street store or restaurant, then your online marketing campaign should primarily focus on a local audience.  You need to have your search results to be relevant to the market you are focusing on.

Which Businesses are Suitable for Google My Business?

Google My Business is designed exclusively for traditional businesses such as stores, entertainment venues and other services which have a physical address.  If you have an online store, you should not use Google My Business unless you also have a brick and mortar location.

If you business meets the criteria and is suitable for Google My Business then there are many benefits from having your company show up in local searches.

  • Google remains the world’s most popular search engine and the same company also develops the world’s most popular mobile operating system, Google Android.  This means that Google’s other services are completely integrated with their mobile devices.
  • Your business will appear on Google Maps on both desktop browsers and the Google mapping app for mobiles as well as on any other resources which use the same data.
  • It does not cost anything to list your business on Google My Business.
  • Google My Business is easy to work with, and it integrates all of Google’s other useful services for webmaster and business owners.

What Whirl Wind Local SEO Will Do For You:

  • We will create a Google+ Local Account – submission of listing and coordination of PIN verification
  • Assessment of existing Google+ Local Listing – should your business already have a verified Google business listing, we will analyze, assess and make recommendations for optimization
  • Profile Completion – complete Google+ Local data to achieve 100% profile completion
  • Local Status Report – for businesses with multiple locations, we will assess your current Google+ local listing status, identify issues, and define objectives and priorities
  • Constant Monitoring – updating and changing business information as needed, managing duplicate listings
  • Tracking Statistics – Impressions, Actions, local keyword performance and other metrics


Let Whirl Wind Local SEO Create, Claim and Optimize Your Google+ Local Business Listing!